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About Kemford LLC

Founded in 1999, Kemford LLC ( is a leading supplier of online template-based website building technology and software for Internet Service Providers, Domain Registrars, Hosting Providers, Vertical Portals and Web Developers. Kemford provides its partners with the technology and software they need to be successful in today's market so that they can offer "ready-made" websites to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. Kemford Instant Websites are provided by thousands of Web professionals all over the world in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian - and more languages are coming soon.

Kemford Products

Kemford Instant Websites - website templates created by professional Web developers (artists, webmasters, programmers) that are ready for quick and easy modifications within our Web-based Instant Website Builder. These websites are of the highest quality, yet easy-to-use, allowing the users to build their navigation tree and enter their own content. End users are not expected to be graphic designers. All of the graphics utilized in these templates for company names, slogans, and buttons are dynamically generated and optimized for the Web "on-the-fly" with no additional software required. Unlike the competition, the advanced two-tier navigation systems on our Instant Websites are completely customizable and permit the user to create an unlimited number of pages. Users can receive their websites as a set of files with clean HTML coding that can be published to any type of servers in the same way that they would receive them if they had ordered from a professional website developer.

Kemford Instant Website Builder (KIWB) makes it easy to create professional small and medium-sized websites. It's a multi-platform, Web-based software tool that allows companies to deliver better, faster website development services to their clients by the sharing website building and management tools with them. Even a non-technical person can perform a variety of developmental tasks - from creating a simple 5-page static website to managing multiple 100-page and more complex projects - all with point-and-click simplicity. For webmasters managing a growing number of websites, KIWB brings welcome relief. Deployable in minutes, KIWB quickly creates a powerful new environment for website creation- from anywhere on the Internet.

Kemford 's Vision

Kemford LLC is committed to becoming the leading provider of complete solutions that simplify website development and management processes for small businesses and individuals.

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