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Software Features And User Benefits

All-In-One Web Presence Solution
All packages include a Web address, a Web design tool, and a hosting account. The user receives a true turnkey solution to create an online presence instantly.
The Kemford Instant Website Builder (KIWB) requires no knowledge of Web design, programming or HTML coding. Anyone can learn to use KIWB and create a multi-page website within an hour. Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you would have spent to hire a professional designer to make the same site for you.
100% Web-based Tool
KIWB is a completely Web-based and browser-independent Web page editor. The user's website can be altered at anytime, from anywhere. All you need is the Internet connection and a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.). Also, there is no software to buy and install!
Free Trial
A fully functioning version of KIWB is available for a free trial for a limited period. All the work done in the trial mode is saved and available once the order is placed. Evaluate the entire product before making a decision to pay.
Free Web Address
A free Web address, like, is automatically included with all of the packages. Don't be in a hurry to purchase a domain name. Enjoy the advantages of using a free one.
Unlimited Domain Forwarding
Register and forward any number of domain names to your website at any time. Make your website look more professional with your own dot-com address.
100+ Design Templates Gallery
KIWB includes over 100 professionally designed templates to choose from. Also, there is a large selection of pre-designed theme images. You can pick a professional-quality design to meet your industry's or website's theme.
Content and Design Separation
The website content is stored separately from design and layout files. You can change the whole design of your website at anytime without affecting the site's content. Modify the look and feel of your website in just a few clicks of the mouse.
Advanced Main / Sub Navigation
Our design templates let you create of up to 12 top-level buttons with up to a virtually unlimited number of sub-buttons. Build a website of more than 100 pages organized with a smart navigation system. Script-enabled drop-down menus 'as seen on the Web' are available for your websites.
Search Engine Optimization
Users can quickly add META tag information like keywords, title, description to every page of their website. The META tag information helps search engines to index your websites better. You will grab more visitors from search engines.
Logo Incorporation
In most cases, a default template's theme image can be replaced with your existing logo or image. However, this is optional and done manually by our pros upon request. Embed your logo as part of your website's design.
Banner Incorporation Tool
KIWB lets you place a banner at the top and/or bottom of every page of the user's website. Extra space is available within all website templates. You can advertise on your website.
File Upload Tool
This tool lets you upload a number of file types (*.pdf, *.xls, *.doc, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png , *.txt and others) to your website. Upload images, banners, and files to your website without ever having to leave your browser. There's no need to buy any FTP or other file transfer software. These files can be incorporated into your page content and your visitors will be able to download them.
Web Hosting
A hosting account is included with all the packages. You receive disk space and free data transfer instantly. No need to arrange hosting separately. This is a big money saving feature.
Site Usage Statistics.
Your website usage data is stored and can be viewed. Daily and monthly graphic reports are available. Analyze your visitors activity and your marketing campaign results.
Packages To Fit Any Need
KIWB offers three different service packages that scale for different needs. No need to buy a package that's too-big or a too-small. Choose one that matches your criteria.
Export Option
Any website can be exported in standard HTML format at any time. After this it is available for publishing to any server type. However, this requires the purchase of a lifetime design license. You are not forced to host your website with us and manage it with our online tool. You are free to build your site and export it from our system.
Multi-Project Support
KIWB lets you create and manage multiple websites under a single user account. Manage all of your projects from one account. There is no need to remember a number of password/login combinations.

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