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Instant Website Builder Overview

Kemford Instant Website Builder (KIWB) is designed to satisfy needs of small businesses and individuals. It is usually selected as a one-stop Web presence solution as it includes all three basic Web products:

  1. Web Address,
  2. Website Design Tool, and
  3. Website Hosting Account.

Simple and Flexible

This software is very simple to use by average Internet user and does not require special design, programmimg, and HTML coding skills as it has intuitive interface and a lot of built-in tutorials and help information. Being a 100% Web-based application it does not require purchasing of any software or hardware. The only requirements are connection to the Internet and a computer with any of major browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape v 4.+) installed.

The flexibility of the software is achieved by offering users to make choice between a free instant URL and an optional dot-com domain name, to select among more than a hundred of professionally designed website templates, to choose different packages with scaleable disk space and free data transfer limits.

Trial Mode and Great Design Selection

There is no better way to emphasize the professionality of our offered design templates then to welcome you to view our Gallery of Website Templates yourself. The quality of websites built in our application is the key of success. In order to guarantee a user satisfaction, all the users can enjoy building of their sites in a free trial mode. They can use a fully functional Instant Website Builder for limited time and buy the service only if they like what they have.

In our software we keep with modern industry rules to separate content from design. The main benefit from this is that user can change the design of his site just with a click on a button. Yes, you can change the whole design of your website simply by selecting another design template from the gallery of available ones at any time. And your content won’t be broken!

Smart Navigation

An Instant Website can contain more than 100 pages organized with smart navigation systems. Most of them are designed for two-level navigation with hot buttons. An Instant Website can have up to 12 top-level buttons, and up to virtually unlimited sub-buttons under each top-level button, and up to 4 hot buttons. However, each particular website can have its own navigation limits (they do differ from one to another), please note this while building your project. Some of the navigation systems are very unique and use, for example, HTML layers technology with Java script to create advanced navigation bars.

Advanced File Import and Export

Our software allows users to upload and smartly integrate in their websites some types of files like images, PDF, MS Word and Excel files. The whole built website can be also exported from the system as a set of standard HTML files for further publishing to any Web server. However, this feature is optional and requires purchasing of a separate license for end user. It is included just to add flexibility to the application.

To learn more about Kemford Instant Website Builder features and user benefits please click here. Or give the soft a test drive!

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