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Software Licensing Benefits

By purchasing the license for our Kemford Instant Website Builder you will receive the following benefits:

  • Complete Control. You can host our software on your own proprietary backbone. You won't have to depend on Kemford and our servers, Internet connections, etc.
  • Private Label. You can offer Instant Website Builder services under your own brand name.
  • Minimal Cost Per Account. You will enjoy minimal costs per account because our pricing structure doesn't require any recurring fees, royalties or ongoing revenue sharing.
  • Customize Everything. You will be able to customize the modules and elements that are not available for customization through the Kemford Private Label Reseller Program.
  • Increase Your Business Value. With this cutting edge system you can expand your services by offering a turnkey Web-presence solution to your existing and new clientele.

We are always open to discuss the individualized custom development of our system to match your business's specific needs. Feel free to contact us with your ideas. Or click here to request our software licensing info.

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