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Software Licensing Overview

By purchasing the license for our Kemford Instant Website Builder you will be able to install it on your own servers and configure it according to your own specific needs. This license grants you the right to resell a specific number of our top-of-the-line Instant Websites transparently under your own company's name. This means that once you purchase this license you won't need to pay us for each individual Instant Website that you sell to your customers. Instead, your costs are fixed by your initial payment.

Software Installation

You will be provided with all of the instructions for self-installation or you may choose to hire us to install your licensed system on your servers for you. Our system is currently available for Linux OS on an Apache server.

Customization Options

Your Instant Website Builder can be customized to match the look and feel of your main site and your company's image. It is designed to be integrated into your existing e-commerce website as a plug-in and can be linked into your existing payment system easily. You will be able to configure and manage your system through your own Administration Panel.

Design Templates

You can choose which design templates you will offer in your Instant Website Builder. Also, you can always order custom website templates to be developed to add uniqueness to your system.


Kemford always strives to improve our software. Accordingly, upgrades will be made available to you as soon as they are released. You will also be able to add more design templates and increase the number of your system's accounts whenever you like.


Kemford will provide you with unlimited email technical support, while you will be responsible for customer support to your clients.

Software Pricing

Our pricing for the Instant Website Builder doesn't require any royalties or other recurring fees. Neither does it require any ongoing revenue sharing. You purchase a license to use our software and can sell as many accounts as granted by your license. The license price depends on the number of accounts you want your system to support and the number of website design templates you want to be included in it. The basic package comes with 100 live accounts and 100+ templates. More accounts are available in increments of 50. For more information on our current pricing, please fill out the information request form.

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