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Program Features And Reseller Benefits

Private Label Ready
Our program allows you to private label our products. You can offer website building services to your clients under your own companyís name, while Kemford remains transparent. Invest in your own brand. Increase the value of your main site.
Low Cost / Free Sign Up
There are no application fees and any monthly fees at present. To become a Reseller, you simply need to fill out our online sign up form, and you will immediately receive access to your own personalized Reseller account. Avoid big up-front investments. It doesn't cost you anything to see if this program is right for you.
Quick And Easy Set Up
As a Kemford reseller you won't need to buy or install any hardware or software. Your company's system and your customersí websites will be hosted on Kemford's proprietary backbone. You will be able to customize your system online simply by using your browser. Save time and money that are usually associated with adding on a complex automated system such as this.
We Host Your Customers
All your customersí websites are hosted on our servers. Hosting account is included with all the packages. You will not need to arrange hosting separately.
Secure Online Account Management
Kemford Resellers are provided with access to our secure Web-based Reseller Administration Panel to manage their accounts. This is easy-to-use Control Panel allows the Reseller to customize his/her account, manage users, place orders, view reports, and get help. Have total control and manage your account 24 hours a day, 7days a week from any place in the world.
Price Control
Being our Private Label Reseller, you are free to set your own retail prices for all of your services. Keep control and flexibility in your hands. No one but you knows best about your clientele, market niche or local market.
Outsourced Customer Billing
Under this program you bill your customers and Kemford bills you only. Your customers remain yours. You do not transfer your business to a supplier as is done under most of the other affiliate programs available on the Internet today.
Complete Customization
Under this Reseller program you can customize your system URL by using any dot-com domain that you prefer or you can opt to use a sub-domain of your main site. Likewise, you can upload your logo, set your prices, establish a link to your existing shopping cart and select many other options to make your system align with your main site's look and feel. Your customerís wonít ever feel they are living your website. The value of your business is increased.
Real Time Automatic Order Processing
Kemford provides a special Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you, our valued Reseller, to place your orders in real time. If you have automated order taking at your site, then order placing commands are sent automatically in the background whenever your customer makes a purchase. By integrating our API, your orders will be fulfilled in real time. Keep up with the industry standards and fulfill your customers orders in real time just like the competition does. This option also saves your time and minimizes high-cost manual work.
Multilingual Capability
Our Instant Website Builder is now available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, and more languages are coming soon. At present, our main site and your administration panel are still in English only. Speak the language your customers speak and increase sales!
Free Upgrades
The Kemford team is always working hard to make our system better. We are frequently adding new features and design templates. These upgrades automatically become available for all of our Resellers. Save money on free software upgrades and product development. You can grow with us at no cost to you!

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