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Private Label Reseller Program Overview

By taking part in our Private Label Reseller Program, you will be granted the right to resell our affordable, top-of-the-line Instant Websites transparently under your own company's name. You will easily be able to customize and integrate your own company's online Instant Website Builder into your existing online business.

Account Set Up And Management

There are no application fees or any monthly fees at present - nor is there a long term set up process to go through. As a Private Label Reseller you won't need to buy any hardware or software. Your company's Instant Website Builder will be hosted on Kemford's proprietary backbone and you will be able to customize its URL and its appearance online simply by using your browser. You will also receive access to our secure Reseller Center where we provide you with a well-organized interface for managing your account. You'll find that it's a snap to customize your virtual site and set your parameters - including prices and a direct link to your existing shopping cart system.

Customization Options

Your Instant Website Builder can be customized to match the look and feel of your main site and your company's image. It is designed to be integrated into your existing e-commerce website as a plug-in and can be easily linked to your existing shopping cart.

When you customize your Instant Website Builder you will be able to:

  • choose any Web address you like - either by using a sub-domain of your main site (such as or any other domain name you prefer;
  • upload your logo/banner to be displayed on all Instant Website Builder pages and on all your customers' Instant Websites. These will link to your main site;
  • select a language for your website (now available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch) ;
  • set your own retail prices ;
  • create a link to your existing shopping cart.

How It Works

Below is a typical shopping session showing you how your visitors will go about ordering an Instant Website from you.

Typical Shopping Session

  1. Your visitor locates your company's website and sees that he/she can create a trial website with your Instant Website Builder for free (15 days free trial offer);
  2. Your visitor goes to your Instant Website Builder and creates an account by providing user registration info;
  3. Your visitor builds his trial website;
  4. Your visitor decides to order and goes to the order page;
  5. The purchase details are sent to your shopping cart system and your visitor is directed to a URL that you have previously specified for this task;
  6. Your visitor goes through the checkout process on your site and becomes YOUR Customer!
  7. You confirm the order with Kemford through
    • our Application Programming Interface (API) automatically in real time, or
    • manually, through your own administration screen at the Reseller Center;
  8. We debit the order amount from your account and change your customer's website status from trial to active.
  9. You notify your customer with an automated Welcome Message that his/her order was accepted;
  10. The Customer enjoys managing his own Instant Website in your company's Instant Website Builder - which is powered by Kemford!


Kemford will provide you with unlimited technical support while you will be responsible for first level customer support to your clients.

Revenue Sharing

Our generous pricing plan allows you to receive a high percentage of the total revenue from the Instant Websites that you provide to your customers! We do not require any up-front payments from you. You pay us only after your client pays you. To receive more information about our pricing plan, please fill out our request information form.

Now you can enjoy extra cash flow by providing Instant Websites to your customers!

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